Hi, welcome to Word of Mike, my little corner of the internet. I am a Software/Web Developer working in North Yorkshire. I mainly write about programming but my other passion is politics so beware. (click to hide)


You can download my CV (pdf), if you fancy!

I am Michael Campbell. I'm a full-stack Ruby on Rails developer in North Yorkshire.

I've gotten enjoyment out of programming ever since writing text-based adventure games with my neighbour in QBasic when I was 8 or so (pair programming, way ahead of ya.)

I graduated with a BSc in Computer Science from Cardiff University in 2011. I was fortunate enough to find my current role in July 2012 as lead dev on a great SaaS web application to the education sector.

I'm an opinionated kind of chap and my thoughts about programming are no exception — but as with my approach to everything, I don't take it too seriously either.

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I try to involve myself in the fantastic Ruby on Rails community and you'll find me in #rubyonrails on freenode most days. I also participate a bit on Stack Overflow, particularly in the ruby-on-rails tag, and you can find my GitHub here.

Ruby is my predominant language at the moment but I've spent a few years doing Java and C(++/#), and dabble in Python and R. I have a keen interest in algorithms and a particular interest in the fields of machine learning and deep learning.

Aside from programming, I like crusading against sensationalism, organised religion, bad science and stuff that people just accept as true which patently isn't.

I also enjoy darts, cooking, music, current affairs and attempting to apply all my guile and technical ingenuity to the challenge of beating the bookies.

Cheers for visiting \o.