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2012-03-13 18:31:13 UTC

Foodie Venture

So I have plans for a 'foodie' website, as a new web project, the idea being that it will be a place for members to store and share recipes, and also somewhere that collates recipes from all over the web to display on the homepage. I've been throwing around some names, in an attempt to come up with something elegant that I can realistically get the dotcom for; I'm not afraid to spend a few quid if I find a name I really like.

I've gone through names such as Picante.com, Simmer.com, AlForno.com, etc. You can get an idea of what I'm going for here. SnapPea.com looked promising, and I rather liked how it sounded like 'snappy', but on contacting the seller I found out it had already been sold but the DNS records hadn't been changed. Sod's law. Peckish.com I liked, but I suspect it is a bit too good (expensive), and upon inspection of the WHOIS record it appears to be owned by 'Alberta Hot Rods', which when Googled, turn out to be a very busy bunch.

That's enough brain-racking for today. I'd be grateful for suggestions of you have any. @mikecmpbll